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Deals & Promotions 

Here at Palace spa, we always want to make our customers happy, we figured what could be more satisfying than getting a more reasonable price than we are already offering. So here they are, The most updated promotion deals right here, right now. 

Referral Program

25% Off any type of massages for a referral that purchases a VIP membership. (One-time use only)

35% Off any type of massages for a referral that purchases a Royal membership. (One-time use only)


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Rate us on any Social Media 




It is SIMPLE...


When you give approval to our services on any social media platform(Facebook, Google, and Yelp), we will give you a one time 20% discount on the massage of your choice. 



Membership Happy Hour 


Come in every Monday to Thursday, applies to all members between 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m to get a 1-hour body massage for only $49. 


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Spice up on your Love 
Looking for a weekday(weekend) getaway with your loved ones to the Palace spa? Well, look no further! We offer FREE hot stone service to couples massage booked 90 mins or above.


Stress Release Monday


After a tiring day at work, why not drop by Palace Spa for a quick massage, you know we always like to hit the spot. 

1 hr full body Swedish massage + 0.5 hr foot massage for only $70.

Heat it up Tuesday



Ever feel down when you have a big project due tomorrow? Or just really tired but you have to keep working? OUCH! Sorry to hear that, Come to the palace spa on Tuesday get a full body massage with our experienced massage therapist and heat up that body for your job, or just relax a little ;P.


1 hr deep tissue body massage/ $60

Senior Wednesday



Every Wednesday is dedicated to seniors (62 years old+). Senior customers get a 1-hour foot massage at $20 and a 1-hour body massage at $45. 


IDs must be presented at the front in order to get the discount.

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