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Palace Spa is one of the biggest massage centers here in the east bay, we dedicate ourselves to serve customers at a five-star level. Here at Palace Spa, you can enjoy a unique massage experience you never experienced elsewhere, we want to relax your body to the next level by applying the right technique and by providing the most relaxing environment possible. All because we treat our customers like royals!

Let's Talk Numbers

  • 2014  – Palace Spa opened and launched premium massage services and served as a relaxation center for folks.

  • 1150 (and counting)– The number of trusted members registered with Palace Spa. 

  • – Professional and caring massage therapist in the work.

  • 35000 – Happily served customers.

  • 4.5 – Average rating across all social media platforms. 


Our Story

Palace Spa was established at march 2014, ever since then, it provides a high quality of service and a price range that could be acceptable by vast majorities. Ever since it was established, It soon becomes one of the favorite massage center in the neighborhood.

Our Vision

Palace Spa's vision is to become one of the most favorable in town, we want customers to really enjoy and relax. We strive to provide the best service and limit within the best price range possible. We are achieving this by consistently showing our commitments and other values.

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